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Resort Butler Grads

RESORT BUTLERS makes all the difference. The role of a Resort Butler is constantly changing to meet the demands of world travellers. Therefore we equip our students with the professional tools necessary to accommodate the needs of their guests.

The Resort Butler provides "Personalized Service." Our Butlers are trained on service quality, stay satisfaction, follow-up and management of complaints. All of which allows him/her to offer a highly personalized service.


It must be borne in mind that the main goal of any resort is to provide "guest satisfaction". The Resort Butler is the cornerstone of a higly personalized service that guarantees high quality standards.

Intense 14 week course 

The Role Of A Resort Butler                   Cultural Diversity        

Butler Code Of Ethics                              Wardrobe Care

Butler Standards                                     Telephone Etiquette

Addressing Guest Challenges                Arrival/Departure Sequence  Butler Food and Beverage Service        Protocol and Etiquette



Conversational Mandarin


Take the first step towards learning Mandarin Chinese, one of the most commonly spoken language in the world. These four lessons will teach you basic hospitality communication and introduce you to Mandarin tones. The lessons are followed up with a quiz to test how much you've learned.





CPR/First Aide


This 8 hour class is a basic training course in emergency care for infants, children and adults. There are also adult essential skills included which differ from the skills for infant and child care. Classes include AED training and First Aid requirements. Certifications are good for 2 years.


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