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Food & Beverage Service Course


Food and Beverage Service is a dynamic industry covering a wide range of roles. From Baristas to head Servers, Mixologists and Sommeliers, it is a career with many opportunities for development. A positive attitude and hard work can lead to great things for your career. You could become a manager and lead your own team, or enter a senior position and oversee a whole region of a business.


12 Week Course


Sequence of Service                                         Food Service Styles

Seating Protocol                                                Wine History and Serving Technique

Table Set Up                                                       Napkin/ Folds & Serviette Etiquette

Food Service Technique                                   Cigar Service

Conversational Mandarin


Take the first step towards learning Mandarin Chinese, the most commonly spoken language in the world. These five lessons teach you basic greetings and introduce you to Mandarin tones. The lessons are followed up with a quiz to test how much you've learned.


CPR/First Aide


This 8 hour class is a basic training course in emergency care for infants, children and adults. There are also adult essential skills included which differ from the skills for infant and child care. Classes include AED training and First Aid requirements. Certifications good for 2 years.

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