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Guest Service Agent Course


Guest Service Agents greet arriving guests, assign rooms, issue keys and ascertain guest payment and billing information. Agents answer guest requests for assistance and coordinate with housekeeping, bell service staff and management to fulfill guest requests. They answer telephone calls from guests seeking to make or cancel hotel reservations. 


They provide guests with access to hotel services, forward in-room meal requests and ensure that mail, faxes and packages are delivered in a timely manner. Agents also deal with irrate guests and find ways to resolve issues to the guest's satisfaction.


They may also serve as concierge, assisting guests with ground transportation, restaurant or entertainment reservations and provide other information about the locale. Agents may also be responsible for bookkeeping duties, including maintaining a cash drawer, preparing bank deposits and posting charges for items that guests may order or use during their stay. Upon checkout, agents calculate the guest's final bill and collect payments.


10 week course     


Introduction to Guest Service                        Telephone Etiquette                                              

Product Knowledge                                         Cash Float Procedures                             

Handling Guest Complaints                            Cultural Diversity

7 Step Guest Check - In Process                   6 Step Guest Departure Sequence

Conversational Spanish


Spanish Conversation 1
Provides Spanish conversation for beginners whose primary goal is basic communication in the language and an understanding of Hispanic culture. Listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are developed with an emphasis on conversation, facilitated by the study of vocabulary and structure. Instructor and students use Spanish as the primary language of the class


CPR/First Aide


This 8 hour class is a basic training course in emergency care for infants, children and adults. There are also adult essential skills included which differ from the skills for infant and child care. Classes include AED training and First Aid requirements. Certifications is good for 2 years.



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