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10 New Hires For Sandals Emerald Bay Exuma

Our commitment to provide well trained professionals to the Hospitality employment bank of The Bahamas and the Caribbean at large is unwavering. Ten of our students answered the call of employment at Sandals Emerald Bay in the Exuma's this week.

The modern Butler wear many hats, therefore they are trained in several disciplines for versatility. This group joins the Food and Beverage department where they will go above and beyond to provide exceptional personalized service for their guests

. The new graduates are among the brightest and passionate in the last cohort of 2016. Congratulations to Silvano Russell, Daquan Blyden, Aniskah Moxey, Antonio Dinor, Devon Wissort, Kendrick Roxbury, Travis Outten. (Not included in the photo: Kendisa Wright, Shawnia Smith and Laquant Johnson)

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