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 Established since 2010, The Coterie of Caribbean Butlers is recognized as the leader in the industry of frontline hospitality  and customer service training throughout the Caribbean.  We are dedicated to raising service standards through courses specifically designed to deliver superior customer experiences. 
Second to none in our region, we proudly provide a pool of professionally trained and qualified prospective staff to five star resorts, hotels, restaurants, private homes and commercial businesses.
We can excitedly boast about our 95% graduation success rate because our students undergo a complete mindset change over the duration of their training. To that end at least 98% of our students move on to rewarding careers in the hospitality and customer service industry, growing with their respective employers since the day of recruitment. 
“Teaching Exceptional Personalized Service with Caribbean Hospitality ”

Shirley Street,
Nassau, Bahamas  |  1-242-394-0399

Email: marketing@coterieofbutlers.com

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